We’re tried and tested filmmakers who have been making award-winning films for over twenty-five years. Our previous films have competed at the highest levels at international film competitions and screened in hundreds of film festivals globally. Our previous feature films, feature-length documentaries & short films have secured distribution all around the world. We have several titles presently on Amazon with more being released regularly. 

When wannabe filmmakers talk about making their first film, they mostly make overly ambitious claims instead of having realistic expectations. Why? Because they do not fully appreciate the amount of work required to make a film internationally successful, most if they did wouldn’t even start, or live to regret doing so because their films when finished sit gathering dust on their bedroom’s shelves. 

We have already done the leg work to ensure that our films are seen and distributed widely. How? By attending all the world’s major film markets, some dozens of times, and when there developing business relationships over many meetings and years. Accumulating experience in marketing, promoting, selling so that we can now finally secure international distribution for our finished films. 

We know that when you’ve finished making a movie, you’re in fact only half way there to reaching your intended audience, most filmmakers are either unaware or not prepared to go the distance by putting in the work required after their film is completed to get a world wide distribution. We know that the harder part of making an indie feature movie is getting your finished film out there and seen by a large international audience.

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