The Story

Host is a timeless retelling of the traditional Faustian tale but with a revisionist spin. A reimagining which is a combination inspired by several classic horror films, a visual mash-up remix if you would of “Rosemary’s Baby” along with “Carrie” & “Scanners”, with a sprinkling of “The Kill List”, all to create an extremely hair-raising tale of evil barbarity set amid a normally yawning suburban neighbourhood of contented idyll.

Our film will be the psychological equivalent of walking on eggshells inside your brain while running jagged fingernails across your mind’s blackboard. This isn’t going to be a teen slasher movie or a gorefest but a dark tale of the betrayal of innocents first love by someone who has sold their soul to the devil, who is allied with a satanic diabolical cult, intent upon bringing about the birth of the antichrist, which in turn will lead to the end of days.

If you love to revel in atmospheric dread, careful, gradually ratcheted tension built to an unbearable nerve-shredding level of intensity, then you’re going to love Host. If you loved “The Witch”, “Hereditary” & “A Quiet Place”, films that benefited from deft characterization similar to that which you grew to love in the recent instant classic “Last Train to Busan”, then contribute here. What made that film so real and relatable was its story of a father and daughter bonding. At the heart of our movie is an average, ordinary Christian family, coming together to unite in adversity as they are forced to make a stand against a seemingly omnipresent assault by evil forces. I will get you to truly invest in their survival and then have you alternate between having you sitting on the very edge of your seats, before getting you to retreat, pushing yourself away into the very back your seats, repelled in absolute terror.

If you were filled with relentless dread watching “It Follows” and left wanting more, well help us feed your need. We promise a finale in which literally all hell breaks loose in a way that you never in your wildest dreams could have anticipated or ever have foreseen coming. We have the cast, the crew, who have worked on some major Hollywood blockbusters, along with the proven skills to make a terrifying movie but we need your help, so please contribute now. Take this opportunity to become part of the team making next year’s horror cause célèbre. Host, join us, contribute now! Thank you for your time.